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Revamping Clothing with Acid Wash

Revamping Clothing with Acid Wash

Revamping old clothing to live a new life is a hobby of mine. I love putting my own personal design and spin on an old piece weather it be mine or thrifted to create something new to be loved and left out of the landfill. Its a great way to appreciate older pieces and save the earth! There is a science to acid wash but before we get into the deep dish there what is acid wash?? The term is coined from older techniques of dying denim. Lighter denim washes were created through an acid dying process where color is removed rather than added. The same process happens here! Via bleach (an acid) the color is removed and a new wash of patterns is created. Acid wash is an amazing way to repurpose items in a creative way. There are endless possibilities with what designs you can do. You can use any tie dye bind to create different swirl, crush and wave patterns. 

There are definately some things with acid wash that I have learned the hard way, so here are some helpful tips on how to get started!

p.s I love the chance to nerd out so bear with me! 


Finding Pieces

The best place to find items to acid was is a thrift store. Many of these clothes are affordable yet high quality, you might even find some name brand items! Make sure to check for holes or wear, especially under the arms + neckline! In my experience this is where the most wear and tear usually shows up. 

You can also use an item of clothing that you love but spilled on or stained! I am always doing this to my boyfriends clothing haha 

Check the Tag!

There is a science to upcycling with acid wash! I love the chance to nerd out a bit so here is why checking the tag is important! Artificial fibers like polyester are built with the color in a protective plastic like sheath. This makes it nearly impossible for the color to be removed. This is awesome for the longevity of the piece, but for upcycling with acid wash it just wont work! With natural fibers like cotton, the color is bound to the cellulose fibers with a reacting agent like soda ash. Because of this it will stay bright with water/soap washing, but add bleach and bam! the color is gone! 

The fabric contents found on the label will be your key! This is usually at the top of the label. To get the widest range of color you will want to find a 100% cotton shirt. This is my recommendation as you will get the most variation in color. If you have something that is 60% cotton 40% artificial fiber (polyester) it will create a visible pattern. The pattern will be more of a light coloring- but still looks cool!  

Safety First

Bleach is pretty acidic so make sure you use proper safety gear! I always use gloves, mask and eye protection when working with bleach. It is also important to keep in mind that any items you have used with the bleach (measuring cups etc) should be properly cleaned before any kitchen use again.


Diluting the bleach, rather than pouring it directly from bottle is super important. This will help keep the structure of the fabric in tact. Especially when working with 100% cotton, it is important to dilute. 

To dilute your bleach add water. I use a measuring cup and about 1 3/4 cups bleach adding water until it is at 2 3/4 cups (adding 1 cup). 

Let it Process

Allowing enough time for your bleach to process is a great way to control the shading of your acid wash. For a lighter coloring allow the bleach to process for upwards of 15 minuets. If you want something more rust colored just watch it and rinse it out when it is the desired color! 

Allow the bleach to process for a half hour max! Any longer than that and you risk damaging the integrity of the fabric. It may look okay but after a few washes there may be holes where you bleached the fabric. Keep this in mind though, I like to give a few shirts an intentional bleached and distressed look. When doing this I leave the bleach on for upwards of an hour and lightly distress the lightest areas before washing. 

Finishing Touches

After you have thoroughly rinsed your shirt you can wash it in the washing machine. This will remove all excess bleach so make sure to wash it alone! After this you can cut and style your tee however you want! 

Feel free to message me on Instagram if you have any questions! 

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