About Us

Hi I'm Lo! Owner and designer here at Desert Dyes. It is my passion to create one of a kind pieces that are functional, everlasting + inspire you to be your authentic self! I live to create clothing that allows you to feel powerful being the one of a kind human you are!

Desert Dyes makes its home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Run on girl power, each item is hand tied and dyed by my two hands! I started D|D to bring more color to the world after a difficult time in my life. Since then, this creative outlet has flourished and become the dream I always dreamt of. Being able to create art and clothing that might inspire someone has brought me so much joy and I hope you feel that in my designs.

​Since starting Desert Dyes in me and my high school sweethearts first tiny apartment in 2018 it has grown to become our little family business. Kirby has become an essential part of the operation and an amazing tie dyer! We love being able to work and create together in our little studio. Every purchase fuels our life and really makes a difference to us! We are so thankful for you and all your help in growing our little family run business!