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Static Spiral Tie-Dye Long Sleeve Tee

Static Spiral Tie-Dye Long Sleeve Tee

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-100% cotton hand dyed short sleeve
-Earth-friendly dye that will never bleed or fade through hundreds of washes
-Made to order, customize with your own tie dye colors

-Fits true to size for men and women
-Message for more sizes
-Size chart in photos
-Will not shrink

All items are hand dyed by Lo in her sunny Utah studio. Each piece is a work of art + one of a kind. Lo started Desert Dyes to bring more color to the world, especially her own after a difficult time. She found how much joy and happiness color brought to her life and wanted to share. Each piece is full of color and a unique print to help brighten your world and express your unique self!

Our tie dyes will never bleed or fade! You can wash them easily as many times as you want! Wash your tie dyes with like colors on cold. You can tumble dry your item on a cool or warm setting or hang to dry. Our items are pre-shrunk but are also mostly cotton. Due to the natural fiber high heat will shrink your item over time. Keep this in mind when laundering your dye to insure its longevity! We recommend that you wash your new tie dye once before use!

If anything should be made with sustainable and ethical practices it should be your tie dyes! When you shop with us, you are taking a stand for better practices in the fashion industry. All of our pieces are sourced from ethical + sustainable companies. Everything we do here at Desert Dyes comes with conscious thought regarding the earth. We use less water with our eco washer and water reclamation process. Our dyes are eco-friendly! We use less paper wherever possible + we reuse/recycle all plastics! Make sure to recycle your shipping bag at your local grocery store!

Each order is individually hand dyed by Lo. Hand dying is an art making each tie dye unique. Please note that the handmade nature of the dying process results in variation on hue, pattern and color. Your tie dye will be similar to the photo but unique in its own.

GROUPS + WHOLESALE ๐Ÿ‘ฏโ€โ™€๏ธ
We offer a group and wholesale discounts. Please message me for more information!