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Common Questions About DIY Tie-Dye

Answers some of the most asked questions about doing tie-dye at home: 

Can tie dye sit too long?

No. Make sure your item is wrapped in plastic and doesn’t dry out. It is recommended to rinse your tie-dye after 24-48 hrs as bacteria or mold can start to develop. If your tie-dye sits longer than 48 hrs the color will be vibrant and fully set but you may want to wash it on hot before wearing if it is stinky as this may indicate bacteria/mold. If your item sits so long that it dries out it the dye will still be fully set. It will create an interesting pattern, so still give it a wash!

Can tie dye shirts be washed together?

Yes. Thoroughly rinse the item out in the sink before transferring your tie-dyes to the washing machine. It is recommended to wash in batches as you would your regular clothes in light, medium and dark batches. 

Can tie dye come out of clothes?

Yes. If the dye is not properly set it can wash out of the fabric both immediately and over time. If done properly, the dye will be permanent and not fade with time or washing. There are several factors in getting dye to fully set. The main thing to watch out for is that the type of dye you're using is intended for the fabric you are trying to dye. There are dyes specifically for natural fiber, synthetic fiber, silk and much more. Another main problem people can have in setting dye is temperature, time and preparation of fabric. Make sure to wash your fabric before applying dye and follow instructions provided with the dye carefully.

Can tie dye sit for 48 hours?

Yes. It is recommended to let tie-dye sit for 24-48 hrs. 

Can tie dye expire?

Yes. The composition of liquid tie-dye can change when exposed to air for extended amounts of time. Make sure to keep a lid or cap on any liquid dye. Powder dye will never expire. 

Can tie dye shirts go in the dryer?

Yes. It is recommended to hang dry or dry on low as most tie-dye shirts are made from cotton. Cotton can shrink when exposed to high heat.

Which tie dye kit is the best?

We may be a bit partial on this one! We have the only custom tie-dye kit on the market. 

Why tie dye with ice?

Tie-dying with ice creates a beautiful watercolor effect. Follow the instructions of your kit until you go to apply the dye. Lay ice over the surface of your fabric and sprinkle powered dye onto the ice. Let the ice melt for 24 hrs then rinse and wash your tie-dye as usual. 

Will tie dye stain my skin?

Yes. Any type of fabric dye will stain your skin. Wear gloves when working with dye. Some dyes and products within the dye can also irritate skin.

Will tie dye work on polyester?

Yes. Fabric dye that is for natural fibers will still dye something that has polyester as long as there is 50% of a natural fiber also present. 100% polyester fabric will need a fabric dye for synthetic fiber. If you use a natural fiber dye on 100% polyester fabric all of the dye will easily wash out.

Will tie dye stain my bathtub?

Fabric dye for natural fiber will not stain anything like porcelain, tile, grout, cement etc. It will dye anything with natural fiber so watch out for cotton shower curtins, towels etc.

Will tie dye come out of clothes?

Yes. Wash the item quickly on hot to remove the dye.

Will tie dye stain bathtub?


Will tie dye stain my washer


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