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Made with the Earth in Mind

With everything we do at Desert Dyes, we keep the earth in mind.
If anything should be made with sustainable and ethical practices it should be your tie dyes! When you shop with us, you are taking a stand for better practices in the fashion industry. Everything we do here at Desert Dyes comes with conscious thought regarding the earth and it's amazing inhabitants. 

Our dyes and detergent are eco-friendly and non-toxic. We use significantly less water with our amazing eco washer and much less energy as we hang dry our items. We never produce fabric waste as all of out items are made to order and we reuse/recycle all of our fabric scraps. We only use fabric made with a majority of natural fibers so if they are disposed of at the end of their life, they make little impact on the earth as they biodegrade fairly easily. We use less paper wherever possible + we reuse/recycle all plastics! 

Wash Smart Practices

Good news: nearly two-thirds of clothes’ carbon footprint occurs after you take it home. Why is this good news?! Because YOU have the power to make a huge difference and it's pretty simple! Here are a few tips on making your impact a green one in the fashion industry! 


Get Lazy With the Laundry
Clothes piling up in the laundry basket?? Wore something maybe one too many times in between a wash? GOOD JOB! Washing your clothing less, and doing larger loads not only helps your clothing last longer but can save you big time on water and detergent! Not to mention saving your valuable time for important matters rather than laundry! 

Hang Dry
We loveeeee to hang dry here at Desert Dyes! Not only does it look aesthetic af but your clothing will last so much longer, you will avoid shrinkage and save tons of energy. Line drying for 6 months can save you 700 pounds of greenhouse gases annually. That’s the same amount of energy as driving a Prius 1,800 miles. And that's a Prius!! 

Wash On Cold
This is super helpful, especially with your tie dyes! A cool wash will help the colors stay vibrant for years to come and can save your carbon footpring 500 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year! Now thats worth the switch!