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Made with the Earth in Mind

Everything we do here at Desert Dyes comes with conscious thought regarding the earth and it's amazing inhabitants. If anything should be made with sustainable and ethical practices it should be your tie-dyes! When you shop with us, you are taking a stand against fast fashion and voting with your wallet for better practices in the fashion industry.  

Our Process:

Our dyes and detergent are eco-friendly and non-toxic. We use significantly less water with our amazing eco-washer. We estimate that each tie-dye uses about 32oz of water thorough the process. By hang drying the tie-dyes we don't use much electricity for production. We never produce fabric waste as all of out items are made to order and we reuse/recycle/donate all of our fabric scraps and blemished items. 
A NOTE ON NATURAL DYES: Many people think that “all natural” dyes are more environmentally friendly however, this is not the case. Dyes made from organic matter such as beets or onion skins require a mordant to fully set the dye. Mordants are highly toxic chemicals and while ok in small batches for DIY it takes a tole on the earth in larger scale. Mordants can also cause major skin irritation for some. While our dyes aren’t "all natural” they don’t require any chemicals to set. Our dyes are very safe for the earth and those with sensitive skin. This makes them the all around better choice when compared to all natural dyes. Feel free to message us with any questions, we love talking dye science!

Our Materials:

We only source materials from sustainable and ethical companies who are transparent. We try and source from other small businesses as much as possible. While our items are handmade due to the tie-dye work we source "blanks" which are white pre-sewn clothing garments made for textile artists. At this time we only sew our twist headbands in-house. Our clothing manufacturers are located in The United States, Central America (Honduras) and The Caribbean. Our dyes are sourced from a small family owned business in California. Our fabric and other supplies used for tie-dying are sourced from the Utah, Colorado and California.