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About the Artist

Hi, Im Lo!

Abstract art, fashion and science have been some of my biggest passions since I was a little girl. As a textile artist I get to combine the three! Clothing has become my all time favorite canvas. I personally hand dye each and every item, which makes any order customizable. I love giving a people a space to be creative and make a tie dye that will resonate with them. My studio is located in slc, Ut. Growing up in Utah I quickly fell in love with the desert. I think traveling in the desert brings self reflection, adventure, and amazement. I try and bring items into the line that will create these same feelings. Many of my items are perfect for traveling, self care, yoga, and outdoor wear. My line is inspired by the earth so I make sure to source from ethical and sustainable companies. Since the start of Desert Dyes in 2018, I have also developed a special process for making tie-dye that uses significantly less water and other resources! If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out, I am happy to help you create your perfect tie-dye!

Thank you so much for supporting my artwork!